More Reasons to Not Be Sad: A Continuation

It may be my narcissistic tendencies, but I got a lot of response from my last post, Reasons to Stop Being Sad: A Personal Account.

I’m going to go ahead and take that as a green light for a continued list of reasons to be happy. Or things you should try? I don’t know. It’s more or less things I love, which I feel that everyone should.

That, and I was a tad bit drunk when authoring my last post. I had more to say, but pasta and sleep won. Happens!

12. You can do whatever the fuck you want. Really. Now this one demands your dedication, but we all have the potential to do just about anything at all. So, really, you could look like this:


You have this potential. Not just in looks, but in everything. So do you really want to miss out on that? Didn’t think so.

13. Aurora Borealis

The Northern Lights. Beautiful, elusive, and pictured all over the Internet. Which is why I won’t bore you with another rendering. I include it on my list, because it’s something beautiful. And you can go see it if you want. With a slew of other natural phenomena, how can someone only see the sadness of the world?

Don’t answer that. Just go find the Lights.

14. Jenna Marbles

A YouTube celebrity. Adorable, cheeky, and possessive of the balls to say a lot of things you wouldn’t. I know for a fact that males think she’s all hot and shit. So, if she weren’t funny there would still be that. I’ve been obsessed with her forever and have been known to try and make myself more like her. No shame, right?

15. Parks

Parks with lakes, lakes without parks, parks without lakes that have jungle gyms. Basically, any semi-open place, that is outdoors, and has grass and trees, with little or no concrete or buildings in sight. The exception being if the concrete is there to facilitate a walking trail to avoiding blazing your own trail. I like nature, but I don’t want to work that much.

I’ve learned that few things cheer a gloomy soul like a warm, sunny day in a quiet park. A bench or a walk provide the perfect spot to reflect on this and that. Careful with this one, though. We all know the dangers of over-thinking, locking yourself in your own brain. I feel like there’s less risk in a park, though. Nature makes it hard, at least for me, to be a sad flower. Plus you can take your dog. Or cat, if you’re feeling brave.

16. Rearranging your furniture

Or hanging new art on your big, blank wall. Like I did today:

Personally, I find it extremely gratifying to walk into my room after a long day, and be able to smile because I made it someplace that I want to be. It’s comfortable, it’s clean, and it smells nice (most of the time, my cat, Gatsby, ruins that sometimes). It is my sanctuary, my escape, the place where I can take a deep breath and say, “Fuck all of you out there, I’m in my happy place.”

Don’t be sad, because no matter what, you can find a space for yourself. And there, you can do whatever it is that you do. You can create and hone and just be. I never really understood why my parents never wanted me to have a TV in my room as a child, but I totally get it now! I have one, now that I’m an adult, but I basically use it for background noise when I don’t feel like listening to music, or a happy glow while I’m trying to sleep. Of course, I also use my TV for number 17.

17. Pulp Fiction

John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, perfection. So great. Not to mention….

18. Brand New

Jesse Lacey, Brand New front man, with the voice of an angel. “Jesus Christ”, “Seventy Times 7”, two of my favorites, plus the entire Deja Entendu album. It’s an eargasm. Oh, and The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me album. You know what, just go find all their music and block out a day to listen to the angel sing. You’ll thank me, swears it.

Annnndddd there we go. These are a few reasons that help me stick around when I just don’t think I can handle it. Sometimes you just have one of those days, and you need a reminder that the world, does not, in fact, always suck so much.

And if you hate all my reasons to stop being sad, then go find your own, and share them. Though I think my list is just about as badass as it gets. I’m also biased and, like I said, a bit on the narcissistic side. 🙂


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I write what I know. I don't know a lot. But I know how to put thoughts into words. These are my thoughts; constantly contradicting themselves, swinging between the pendulum of extremes, never censored. I'm not as sane as my friends think I am, but I'm not as psychotic as I convey myself anonymously. So what does that make me? A rare breed? I like to think so. But I'm probably not as interesting as I'd like to believe. Aside from that, I tend to be a sarcastic bitch with rage problems. Don't believe a word I say, I'm probably definitely lying about most of it to make myself seem more interesting.
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2 Responses to More Reasons to Not Be Sad: A Continuation

  1. lezoemusings says:

    GREAT Post! Hope you enter + share this pretty awesome giveaway on my blog Best, Kellie

  2. Olivia says:

    This post (and the one that came before it) made me extremely happy. I couldn’t help but to smile. 😀

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