I Need Your Wonderful And Creative Suggestions, Please?

I don’t really give a fuck if you think it’s lame, but I would really like to make a summer bucket list.

A lot of things in my life are changing, and I already have some ideas. But I want to hear from you lovely people. What would you put on your bucket list? Why?

I’ll be working from early May until some time in August, and going to school for…I have no idea. Half of summer. The dead half.

But I’ll find a way. My goal this summer is to LIVE. Because I keep realizing with each year that one of these days, I won’t have a summer vacation.

Thoroughly depressing, right?

So I need something to last me until I retire…If I manage to make it that long, that is.

So whatcha got?


About cheekystars123

I write what I know. I don't know a lot. But I know how to put thoughts into words. These are my thoughts; constantly contradicting themselves, swinging between the pendulum of extremes, never censored. I'm not as sane as my friends think I am, but I'm not as psychotic as I convey myself anonymously. So what does that make me? A rare breed? I like to think so. But I'm probably not as interesting as I'd like to believe. Aside from that, I tend to be a sarcastic bitch with rage problems. Don't believe a word I say, I'm probably definitely lying about most of it to make myself seem more interesting.
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3 Responses to I Need Your Wonderful And Creative Suggestions, Please?

  1. Can’t believe no-ones dropped anything for ya yet…

    I actually completed my bucket list 15 year long standing bucket list, last year. So being 29 this year, I think it’s time for me to create a new one…

    Buy a postal motorcycle and travel – destinations to be decided.
    Walk the Kakoda Trail
    Quit smoking
    Drink more coffee
    Travel / camp more with family – destination to be decided
    Get myself sorted so that I can blog more…

    MORE TO COME! one day…

    • Nor can I. It’s bothering me that people just keep liking it. But thank you, those are wonderful suggestions. Though I don’t need to drink any more coffee. I’m practically shooting it like heroin nowadays.

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